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Interesting places within an hours drive

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La Grotte des Demoiselles

Also called La Grotte des Fees

34190 Saint-Bauzille-de-Putois


Nature on a grand scale, truly an underground cathedral. The cave of a thousand fairies welcomes you on a supernatural journey into the heart of a gigantic stone mass.. A funicular is available for easy access.

Open all year. Entance fee 8,50 € for adults.

Le mont Aigoual

Mount Aigoual and the French weather observatory.

30570 Valleraugue

www.aigoual.fr ou www.meteo.fr

At this site with its extraordinary beauty and extreme weather conditions, the meteorologists invite you to examine the details of their profession, the instruments, the maps, the climatic statistics and the ambience of this high altitude station.

Le Cirque de Navacelles

Three million years ago, the Blandas plateau was a vast plain which has raised gradually.

The Vis river snaked lazily by and began to erode the river banks.

Six thousand years ago the Vis stopped meandering, divided and created what some see as an island, like a giant oyster shell, the stands of a ruined arena or a meteorite impact.